The Printer that Saved Me


Okay, I'm exaggerating.  But my life as a teacher did immediately improve once I got an HP Instant Ink Printer.  Copy and printer ink are both hard to come by at my school, so having the power to print at my own desk has made my teaching life easier.   I purchased it for $47 on Black Friday 2016, and now I pay $9.99 a month to print 300 color pages.   If I go over that number, I just pay $1.00 more for 25 pages, which is $0.04 a page!!! Much cheaper than going to the copy shop.   The ink itself is wireless, so it communicates with the company and sends more ink in the mail automatically when it starts to run low. Before Instant Ink, I always seemed to run out of ink right when I needed to be printing pages on a deadline, and I rarely had the $60 or $70 in extra spending money to buy the replacements.   This automatic monthly fee and replacement mailing has taken all of the stress out of ink buying for me.

If you'd like to join the FREE from ink and printing stress club, join here.  You'll get one month at no charge.