My Why

What's your WHY?  

Have you seen this Ted Talk by Simon Sinek?

In it, he explains how important it is for companies and people to know their WHY at the heart of what they do.  As educators, I think knowing our WHY is so essential.  I try to revisit my WHY at the beginning of each school year and each grading period.

Here's the WHY for RDNG.  This is WHY I began this company while still continuing to work as a teacher.


Everyone deserves the gift of reading. It's one of the most meaningful things in my life.  When I started teaching, I didn't know how to help a student learn to read.  I could take a decent reader and make them better, but I left college not knowing how to help a non-reader, beyond some flashcards and  Truthfully, there are some students who I call "The Ones Who Got Away."  They left my 3rd grade classroom still not knowing how to read---and that responsibility still haunts me.  I hope and pray that they learned from their next teacher.

I learned how to teach reading when working with low readers and studying them for over 12 years.  I analyzed their weaknesses, read countless resources, and tried various activities and methods to find what works.   My job was my reading laboratory.

I want to share all those resources and tools with you so that you can unlock literacy for your struggling readers when they first enter your room.  Think of this site as a course titled "What I Wish I Had Learned about in Teacher Training about How to Teach Kids How to Read".  Let me save you some time and energy by compiling the most ready resources and knowledge to help you develop literacy skills for the students in your classroom.

What is your WHY?  Why did you become a teacher?  Why do you continue to choose to work with students, even when teaching feels like an impossible job sometimes?  What keeps you returning to work to serve your kids?