I made a video!

I made my first video last week. Here it is:

I made the video using a site called PowToon. It took me about four hours to make it-half of that time was spent learning how to customize and edit using their tools. I think the next videos I make will take about half that time (2 hours) or less, now that I know how to navigate PowToon better. Overall, I enjoyed the process and using PowToon. They have a lot of tutorials for beginner video makers like myself, and their graphics and music are fun and easy to customize.

Have you made videos? Have your students? Eventually, it's something I want to try with students, as another output vehicle for them to show what they've learned. I realized during the video creation process that you must be quite clear on the message/knowledge you're sharing when you make a movie. The important information must be distilled in just a few minutes through an engaging visual medium. This is at the highest level of Bloom's Taxonomy: Create. My creative brain was firing on all cylinders as I worked on the video, trying to share reading knowledge in a format different than a typical lesson.

Another movie-making sites I plan to try are: Wideo, GoAnimate, and Moovly. I'll post more later as I continue on this video-making journey. Is it time to join the Directors Guild of America yet? ;-)