Cups and Ice


Have you ever had a decision made for you that was out of your control?     How did you feel about it?

This has happened to me recently, and the experience is making me stretch and grow in unexpected ways.    I was told by my boss that I had to change jobs very last minute before the start of the school year.  I was upset at the suddenness of the decision.   I was frustrated  with my lack of control.

I'm a reading specialist who suddenly finds herself back in the classroom.      So what do I do about it?  How do I handle this challenge/opportunity?

I was speaking about it with a friend from church, and he suggested that I watch this Ted talk by Josh Levs and the accompanying Friends clip.  In the Friends episode, Monica and Phoebe are throwing a party. Typically, Monica takes control of everything and will only allow Phoebe to help with the cups and the ice at the event.     Cups and ice aren't the fun parts of party planning, and Phoebe knows she's been given some low level tasks.       It's the way that she handles her role that's amazing.      She decides to SHINE in the realm of Cups and Ice and, spoiler alert, those end up being the coolest and best things at the party.

Takeaway from both clips?    Bloom where you're planted.     Shine within the task/role you've been given, even when it's not your ideal.

Or, as my friend put it, "You've got to cups and ice the s**t out of your job."

TED Talk: