10 questions to ask the teacher next door

What is your friend doing next door in Reading Workshop?   So many times we stay isolated in our classrooms and forget that there's a wealth of literacy expertise just next door or down the hall.   Here are 10 questions to ask your neighbor about what they're doing in reading right now.  

  1. What book have you read aloud to your class that they like the most?

  2. How do you use AR (Accelerated Reader) with your students?

  3. What's your biggest struggle in teaching reading right now?

  4. What's your favorite reading center?

  5. What is your students' favorite reading center?

  6. What is your favorite go-to site for literacy resources?

  7. How do you find ideas for your reading lessons?

  8. What do you remember about reading as a kid?

  9. Who is the lowest reader in your class and what are you doing to help them?

  10. Who has made the most growth in your class? What did you do that helped them the most?

I hope these questions prompt some quality discussion with your colleague.    We can all benefit from each other's expertise, through the Internet or IRL.