Hi!!!   I’m Shannon Betts, owner of RDNG and developer of this website.  I created this site to serve as a reservoir of resources for teachers and parents of students learning to read.   For the past 16+ years, I’ve been helping struggling readers catch up to their peers in reading and writing. When I first started as an educator, I wasn’t sure how to teach someone how to read. I also didn’t understand why so many kids in my classroom were behind and what I should do in my small groups for intervention.  Over many years and through A LOT of professional reading & courses, action research, close observation, and trial and error….I finally figured out the magic of unlocking literacy.

Here on this site, I share the methods and resources that have assisted me and my students as they develop their reading skills.  Some of them are original digital or print activities that I made for the kids in my reading groups. Others that I feature are a curated collection of materials that have been proven to work with my homeroom and intervention students.

You want to help your students learn to read, and my mission is help you do that. The first step is to figure out why your students are struggling and then provide just right activities to fill in those gaps.   Once their reading potential is opened, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s unlock literacy together!